Gastroenterology @ Southampton



Dr David FINE

Clinics: pancreatic, CF and  IBD/general gastroenterology. Endoscopy: OGD, colonoscopy and ERCP. Specific interests in pancreatic disease and IBD. Lead for R&D.



Clinics: Nutrition and IBD/general gastroenterology. Endoscopy: OGD, colonoscopy. Sub-speciality interest: nutrition. Chair of BAPEN. Current lead for gastroenterology.


   Dr Praful PATEL

Clinic: Upper GI/general gastroenterology. Endoscopy: OGD and stenting, Colonoscopy, EMRs, ERCP . Lead for bowel cancer screening programme and training lead for endoscopy


   Dr Nicholas COLEMAN

Clinics: motility and general gastroenterology. Endoscopy: OGD, colonoscopy. Clinical lead for motility and runs manometry service with specific interest in IBS.


Dr Bernard STACEY

Clinics: upper GI and general gastroenterology. Endoscopy: OGD and stenting, colonoscopy, colonic EMRs, EUS. Clinical lead for endoscopy and interest in upper GI cancer and EUS


Dr Fanny SHEK

Clinic: pancreatic. Endoscopy: OGD, colonoscopy. Specific interest in pancreatic disease